Dentures (sometimes called false teeth or plates) are used as a replacement for missing teeth. These are generally made from an acrylic plastic or a combination of metal and acrylic plastic. They are made to look like your real teeth but do not have all functionality of natural teeth.

New Dentures usually takes a little bit of getting used to especially when eating or speaking. You may find some foods are difficult to eat so your diet may need to be slightly altered.

Dentures should not be painful or uncomfortable, if they are you should see the dentist for an adjustment so they fit correctly.

There are two types of dentures –

  • Partial denture which replaces one tooth or several teeth.
  • Full denture which replaces the whole set of teeth, on the upper or lower.

Dentures are kept in place by either using clasps which anchor around neighbouring teeth or by the dentures’ natural suction. On occasions a denture fixative or glue is recommended to aid in keeping the denture in place.

The procedure will be explained to you and a treatment plan given stating all the stages and the costing.

At Tooth-n-Gum Dental we offer both full and partial denture solutions. The right dentures can make a huge difference to your smile and so our premium dental care is designed around you and your needs, helping us to give you the best dental treatment possible.

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