Dental Health for Children

Children’s dentistry start even before a child is born. The health and development of a baby’s teeth can be affected by a mother’s diet and other health matters that occur during pregnancy. We recommend that you bring your children in with you when you have a checkup so that they get used to going to the dentist and can see that there is nothing to fear.

We recommend that every child starts visiting the dentist from the age of 2, just to get used to the dental environment. This can also help your child establish a positive relationship with the dentist. Ideally, you should also bring your child along when you have your regular check-ups.

Under the Medicare child dental benefits schedule (CDBS), the Australian Government provides up to $1095, in dental benefits for children between the ages of 2-17.

CDBS covers basic dental services across a period of over 2 calendar years, helping make dental care more accessible and affordable to eligible children.

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Dental Health for Children
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